US60 Pavement Rehabilitation (Versailles Road)

Project was the rehabilitation of 6.4 miles of concrete pavement from Bluegrass Parkway to New Circle Road. The project and plan set was developed depicting two pavement alternates 1) 10” asphalt overlay on existing break/ seat concrete and 2) JPC Overlay with an Asphalt Bond Breaker (Open Graded Drainage Course) on existing concrete. This strategy was done to introduce completion producing the most economical product with the best benefit. Although the pavement strategy was to overlay the existing concrete pavement, due to the urban nature and development along certain sections, full depth replacement was used at the major intersections. This was done to avoid extensive alterations to the business entrances, signal configurations, sidewalks and drainage features.
With numerous developments along the roadway, utility location and avoidance was a concern and methods such as vacuum excavation were used. Through these methods of utility location, it was determined that relocations were not necessary to delay or impede the project’s progress. MOT was a major issue and 7 well thought out construction phases devised using the shoulder and median with 2 lanes in each direction maintained during all daytime construction and one lane at night.
Dual left turn lanes were constructed to improve the operation of the intersection of US60 and Man O’ War Blvd. during peak hour by increasing the storage capacity and from 383’ to 1026’. The entrance to Keeneland’s Gate 2 was much improved by adding an additional 943’ of left turn storage capacity on US60 EB by utilizing the existing 20’ raised median. These were significant improvements to the roadway operation.DSC_5079-min DSC_5085-min DSCN0002-min DSCN0004-min DSCN0007-min DSCN0014-min DSC_5076-min DSC_4404-min DSCN0028-min DSCN0025-min DSCN0021-min DSC_5078-min

I-65 Pavement Rehabilitation (Jefferson County, KY)

Project consisted of pavement and bridge rehabilitation of approximately 3.4 miles of I-65 from south of the Fern Valley Road Interchange to north of the Watterson Expressway (I-264) Interchange, including removal of existing concrete pavement, replacement with asphalt pavement, and rehabilitation of 17 of the bridges within the project limits. The daily traffic flow was more than 164,000 vehicles.
Project included in the August 21, 2009 letting, with a fixed completion date of December 15, 2009 and an interim completion date for mainline I-65 of November 15, 2009. Traffic was maintained through the project during construction. Plans detailed to reduce the number of through lanes for a maximum 30-day period with work on the northbound and southbound sides either simultaneously or independently. Specific local events (e.g. Kentucky State Fair) limited the dates for the 30-day closure. Project included coordination to disseminate information on work schedule and traffic flow changes.
Important project facts:
Fast Track Design Schedule
Extensive Temporary Traffic Control Plans
Remove 3.16 miles multi-lane concrete pavement, stabilize subgrade and place new asphalt pavement – maintain existing outside concrete shoulders
Maintain minimum of 3 through lanes in 5 lane sections and 2 lanes in 3 lane sections
A + B bidding with a disincentive ($200,000 per day for NB and $485,000 per day for SB)
Prepared full-size mylars for roadway work and details for proposal on rehabilitation work for 17 bridges
Upgraded guardrail, end treatments and connections to bridges and corrected substandard drainage conditions at several locations
Included re-grading and sealing of all DGA shoulders
Study of two Ramp/Merge conditions for possible Practical Solution improvements (CORSIM used to model traffic) and plans to reconfigure and restripe four ramps
Interchange Justification Study for possible closure of a loop ramp from Preston Highway to Ramp between I-65 NB and I-264 EB


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Older Projects

Jefferson Freeway-Interstate 65 interchange (fully directional type), Jefferson County, Kentucky; includes 1.5 miles Interstate 65 improvements from four to eight lanes.
Fern Valley Road-Interstate 65 interchange (partial clover type), Jefferson County, Kentucky. Includes 2.0 miles Interstate 65.
Interstate 264-Newburg Road interchange (partial clover type) Jefferson County, Kentucky. 1.1 miles redesign of Watterson Expressway.
Western Kentucky Parkway-KY 181 interchange (partial quadrant-partial clover). Muhlenburg County, Kentucky.
Outer Loop-Interstate 65 interchange Jefferson County, Kentucky. Includes 2.0 miles Interstate 65 improvements from four to eight lanes.
Interstate 75-KY 536 interchange (diamond type). Boone County, Kentucky.
Interstate 264-Taylorsville Road interchange (partial clover type). Jefferson County, Kentucky, 1.5 miles redesign of Watterson Expressway.
Interstate 75-Laurel County, Kentucky widening and rehabilitation of 3.6 miles of highway to 6 lane with new interchanges at KY 80 and KY 192
Interstate 64 highway rest area Clark Co., Kentucky.
Mountain Parkway/Quillens Chappel Road (diamond type) interchange, Wolfe Co., Kentucky.

AA highway-section 28, Greenup Co. Kentucky. 3.8 miles of 4 lane rural highway.
U.S. 68 Logan County, Kentucky, 4.2 miles of 4 lane rural highway.
U.S. 60 Meade County, Kentucky, 3.9 miles of 4 lane rural highway.
U.S. 68 Marion County, Kentucky, 3.7 miles of 4 lane rural highway.
U.S. 60 Daviess County, Kentucky, 4.4 miles of 4 lane rural highway.
KY 17 Kenton County, Kentucky, 7.0 miles of 4 lane highway
KY 15 Breathitt County, Kentucky, 13.6 miles of 4 lane rural highway.
Cynthiana By-Pass, Harrison County, Kentucky, 4.1 miles of 4 lane highway.
Blue Lick Road, Jefferson County, Kentucky, 4.2 miles of 4 lane urban highway.
Turkeyfoot Road Kenton County, Kentucky, 3.0 miles of 4 lane urban highway.
U.S. 421 Franklin County, Kentucky, 3.7 miles of 4 lane urban highway.
KY 16 Kenton County, Kentucky, 5.1 miles of 4 lane urban highway.
KY 35 Gallatin County, Kentucky, 3.5 miles of 2 to 4 lane from Sparta to NASCAR Racetrack.
SR 52 Clay County, Tennessee, 3.1 miles of rural highway.
SR 102 Rutherford County, Tennessee, 1.7 miles of urban highway
SR 96 Rutherford County, Tennessee, 3.0 miles of rural highway.
SR 20 Henderson County, Tennessee, 6.9 miles of rural highway.
SR 374 Montgomery County, Tennessee, 7.1 miles of urban highway.
SR 15 Hardin County, Tennessee, 6.2 miles of rural highway.

Yatesville Lake Road relocations-9.5 miles of secondary route relocations, Lawrence County, Kentucky.
Paintsville Lake Road relocations-6.5 miles of secondary route relocations. Morgan & Johnson Counties, Kentucky.
Bear Creek Access Road MCCreary County, Kentucky – 3.7 miles of Park Road in Big South Fork Recreation Area.
KY 40 Johnson County, Kentucky, bridge and approaches over Paint Creek and State Fork.
Various Counties-Eastern Kentucky, 13 bridge and approach project.
KY 10 Campbell County, Kentucky, bridge and approaches over Yellow Creek.
KY 177 Kenton County, Kentucky, bridge and approaches over Decoursey Creek.